There are a different puzzles to solve along each of the walks.


Observation Challenges are indicated by a spy glass; simply answer the question posed. This might be, for example, to count the number of specific items you can see on a building.

Spot The Picture puzzles are indicated by a pinned Polaroid picture – see if you can find the scene or object on your walk.

Word Puzzles give you clues to letters that form an anagram. Rearrange all the letters you have found on the walk to solve the puzzle. Some of the letters are also numbered; copy the numbered letter to the corresponding space or spaces in the grid that you will find at the back of the book. This will then form a final sentence that will be revealed when all the walks are completed.

For those completing the Observation Challenges and Word Puzzles in the book, there will be a downloadable personalised certificate.

Either Gold, Silver or Bronze certificates will be awarded, depending on the number of walks completed with correct answers. Good Luck!


Gold Certificate for Walks Completion

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 Gold Badge
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