Here are some additional games you can play while on your walk. You will find other suggested games at the back of each of the Fun Walks books.


Make A Grass Whistle

Take some time to find a nice long shiny bit of grass. Press it between the sides of both your thumbs so that it's stretched tight. Blow gently through the space left in the centre, and enjoy the high-pitched squeal it makes!

Play Fox and Chickens

Find a patch of grass between two trees or large bushes. Choose someone to be the fox with everyone else being a chicken. The fox stands in the middle and tries to catch the chickens as they run between the two trees. once the fox catches them, they become a fox to help catch the others. The last chicken to be caught gets to be the fox in the next round.

Twenty Questions

Choose a category, and think of a place, person or thing. See if your companions can guess what you are thinking by asking you twenty questions.

When I go on Holiday

The first person says, “When I go on Holiday, I am going to pack a…” and completes the sentence with any object beginning with the letter “A”. The second person then has to repeat the phrase and the first object, but then also has to add a new object that starts with the letter “B”. Each player has to repeat the whole list in the correct alphabetical order, adding to it on each turn. If someone is unable to remember the contents exactly, then they are out of the game.

Close Up

Using a smart phone or camera someone walks ahead of the group and takes a close up of part of an object; it could be a crack in a rock, a small part of a flower etc. When the group is back together, show them the picture and ask them to go and find the object. The person who finds the object first is the winner.

Photo Challenge

Find an object or view on the walk and see who can take the best picture of it.

Fun with Gates

When you come across a squeaky gate, open and close it to see what different sounds you can make. Who can suggest the best animal or object that makes that sound?

Tree Huggers

Take it in turns to call out the name of a tree (oak, for example) and then the rest of the group have to run and hug that particular type of tree. The last one to reach and hug the tree is out. When the last person is left, they become the leader and calls out the next series of trees.


As you walk along, sing songs like “Old MacDonald had a farm”, “10 men went to mow, went to mow a meadow”, “10 green bottles hanging on a wall” or any other song you like!


Buy a book on wild flowers, birds, insects or trees and see if you can identify them on your walk. Take pictures of those that you spot to record how many you have found on the walk.

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