A Fun Walks Photography Competition will be held each year running from January to November.

1st prize will win a £10 Amazon Gift Voucher, and a Fun Walks badge.

2nd and 3rd placed runners-up will receive a Fun Walks badge.

The winner's pictures will also take pride of place on the Fun Walks home page until the following year.

To enter, please register with the website and fill out the submission form. You will be asked to provide:

1. the book title (eg. Axminster, Charmouth etc.)

2. the walk number (eg. Walk 7 - Charmouth Beach to Lyme Regis)

3. your name

4. the date the photo was taken

5. a photograph conforming to the submission requirements: 

LANDSCAPE, colour or black & white in  .png or .jpg format and filesize no larger than 1MB.

Sorry, only one entry per person.

To submit your photograph you must first Register with the Fun Walks website, and then be logged onto the site using the Login menu option. When you have logged in, a new submenu called "Submit Your Photo" will appear under the Competitions menu. Note this option is not available unless you have logged in.

By submitting your photograph you give us permission to display the image on our website; you will otherwise retain copyright of your work. By submitting a photograph, you also confirm you have full copyright and permission to publish the image.

Please send in your entries by the 30th November. Entries received after this date, or those not conforming to the submission requirements will not be considered.

Judging will take place in December by an independent photography expert with winners being announced and displayed on the website before the end of the January.

Here are some examples of pictures taken by ourselves and friends.




Walk 7 - Charmouth Beach to Lyme Regis

Winning entry by David Ross


Lyme Regis 

Walk 2 - All Ability Promenade

by Paul Hampton




Walk 3 - Quiet Lanes and Country views

by Heather Hampton


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