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The Fun Walks books have been written with all the family in mind, and hopefully will encourage everyone to get out and about for some exercise, fresh air, and to enjoy our beautiful British countryside.  

Walks in the books are fully described in detail with colour photographs and Ordnance Survey route maps. There is also recommended parking for each walk, and each book has some suggestions for things to do in the local area.

Axminster Walks Book Front Cover

Walking is pleasurable in itself, and to make it even more fun, each book contains some simple games to keep all the family amused along the route. The books also include optional quizzes in the form of word puzzles and observation challenges, which we hope will make the walk even more enjoyable.

Personalised downloadable certificates of achievement will be awarded for those completing the puzzles in the book. There will be Gold, Silver or Bronze certificates depending on the number of walks completed with correct answers.

There is an annual prize for the best photograph taken on any of our Fun Walks; details can be found in the Photo Competition section. As well as receiving a prize, winning entries will be displayed on the website's home page for the year.

If you would like to become part of the Fun Walks family, there is also an Online Shop where you can buy Fun Walks memorabilia.

We hope you enjoy our books and remember, at whatever age you may be,"You are never too old to have fun!"


Paul & Heather Hampton


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Easy to follow

Each walk contains a step by step detailed description and includes an overall map of your route, complete with marked way points.

All walks contain colour photographs of the route along with notes of local interest.  Suggested refreshment stops and things to do in the local area.

Puzzles and Games

Walking in the countryside is great but why not make it even more fun!

Each walk has a number of optional puzzles and games you can play along your walk. 



Annual prize photography competition for pictures taken on any of the Fun Walks.

Winner's will have their photograph showcased on the website's home page!

Certificates of Achievement

If you solve the puzzles in one or more walks, why not download a Certificate of Achievement?

Simply submit your answers to the questions on the website and you will be able to download a Gold, Silver or Bronze certificate depending on the number of correct answers.


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